Do reconsider! I’m the same way. Can’t stand frangipane or anything with almond paste or extract (which I think has the taste of marishino cherries. hork) but unsweetened almond milk is my jaaaaam. Granted I’m not a milk drinker by nature but it’s my favorite coffee additive or “oh god so late for work better slam… » 4/29/15 10:23am 4/29/15 10:23am

You actually can be charged for an OUI or some similar offense for riding a horse drunk, but there was one crazy story where a man defended himself because he was such a drunk and rode the horse to and from the bar so often that his lawyer successfully argued that he was in no way "operating" the horse because it knew… » 4/15/15 9:31pm 4/15/15 9:31pm

this actually happened at my bakery last week. It's not Cut the Cake, but I fielded the initial call of someone wanting a "Gay Marriage is Wrong" cake for their "Traditional Marriage". It was obviously some sort of stunt to me so I put them on hold and had no idea what to do since my GM wasn't in. My assistant FOH… » 4/05/15 8:11am 4/05/15 8:11am

I was 18 at a long running music festival in my state. I was dabbling with hallucinogens at the time (to no positive avail. I think I have more bad trip stories than good ones. I’m too anxious) and a friend handed me a bottle of whiskey and jokingly told me to “kill it.” There was quite a bit left and I chugged it,… » 4/03/15 10:15pm 4/03/15 10:15pm

I have known two women that go by "Sue" or "Suzy" when it is not in fact their name. One of which is my mother. Granted "Sue" is her middle name but the other was my grandmother and Sue was no where in the register. » 3/25/15 10:42am 3/25/15 10:42am