Some people will never get married or, shocking I know, never want to get married. Should those people just remain forever celibate to appease your Flying Spaghetti Monster? Other people's sex lives and potential subsequent abortions have absolutely zero effect on your quality of life and well-being so just leave well… » 7/19/14 1:11am Saturday 1:11am

No. As someone who cleans piss off of toilet seats at my work daily, just no. I have gone in after far too many women, who I would presume to have the respect for hygiene to clean up after themselves since squatting is apparently so dire, to know the the ones who should be in vats of piss are the hoverers. I don't… » 6/17/14 11:50am 6/17/14 11:50am

Oh I got a good one! I was a little stoner in college, studying abroad one summer in Nicaragua. The weed was ditch but for some reason it was getting me really high and paranoid. There were rolling blackouts in the region so about 40% of the time we were without power. It was particularly dangerous to be out of the… » 6/06/14 4:45pm 6/06/14 4:45pm

Agreed. This is a narrative we have had shoved down our throats at least as long as my 25yo self can remember. We live with the constant stranger danger fear. We know the methods to "avoid assault" (as if that's inevitable should we accidentally slip up and wear our hair in a ponytail walking alone or something). Good… » 6/06/14 11:55am 6/06/14 11:55am

most mind blowing in recent memory: The coworker/former fling that I keep accidentally towing along walked me home after a long conversation. A hug turned into a make out session which turned into him backing me up against my neighbors car. He lifted me onto the trunk and reached his hands into my shorts and… » 5/30/14 4:55pm 5/30/14 4:55pm