I come from a long line of people I'd like to refer to as "passively racist." There is no outright hatred, no race-based discrimination, but there are a lot of stereotypes that seem to permeate their views of minorities (especially poor minorities). I used to fight tooth-and-nail when I was a teenager but past a… » 8/22/14 1:43pm 8/22/14 1:43pm

Ah man, I don't know if this is appropriate but I tended to avoid commenting with that last iteration of Kinja and would loooove to be followed by kitchenette. I've got stories. I do like tomatoes, though...(But only during tomato season!) » 8/18/14 3:32pm 8/18/14 3:32pm

Some people will never get married or, shocking I know, never want to get married. Should those people just remain forever celibate to appease your Flying Spaghetti Monster? Other people's sex lives and potential subsequent abortions have absolutely zero effect on your quality of life and well-being so just leave well… » 7/19/14 1:11am 7/19/14 1:11am